Hey, this Leo season is pretty strict, right? let's hope some of yall didn't keep your anger inside the madness mind that you have because of the pandemic.

people think that I don't actually believe in horoscope or astrology things but here I am talking about nonsense, yeah, bear with…


a child in me wanted to scream at night, and crying whatever and whenever she wants.

a child in me, believe that happiness is just ice cream and candy.

a child in me wants attention and just thinking about how to be the center of this world.

a child in me wants to know how can she get the sun eggs that she made was perfectly beautiful.

a child in me wants to feel being loved by her surroundings.

a child in me would probably proud of what am I doing right now, and she said “one day, I’ll be like her!”

a child in me really got the wrong idea of how much this world is bigger than her place, and barbie.

2021, 2nd of February.

23.40 p.m.


the call out send, Lorde says on the team.

but we’re in this competition, with ourselves.

fighting a lot bout how things never gonna ends.

they actually believe what they cant see, they just heard.

we live in the city, and among the fucked up generation.

wild animals divine.

I was wounded.

riot in the head.

2020, 30th of Desember.

22.45 p.m.

(texts are written in Bahasa)

beberapa hari yang lalu, diri ini terdiam dipojok ruangan kamar sendiri, dini hari mencari sesuatu, tidak tahu apa yang dicari.

buku kecil dengan cover hitam bunga kecil tersangkut disebelah lemari merah, terhimpit buku tebal wangsit sbmptn yang masih tersegel — terlihat jelas memang belum belajar.


talk when you can’t, crawl like you can’t, from behind this curtain, we will also let you go for a moment.

grab my hands, and dont say that u cant. also take away the pain, when u cant hold the main and tame in those pale skin and rub the back. cause u said u cant hold it when everything changes like black on a tax.

darkness, take away inside those head. we just play along, hold on if you can. or wait, did you see anything weird?

you’re hallucinating.

2020, 3rd of August

01.38 a.m.

(texts are written in Bahasa)

Burung bersiul “Malapetaka!” kata lirik dalam lagu Tarian Penghancur Raya dari Band asal Jakarta bernama Feast., angin berombak berlari mengejar ujung dunia. Perihal membungkam mereka tak bisa berbicara menjelaskan mengapa. Revolusi bumi rotasi mindset pembaca perasaan. Aku berdiri diatas atap, melihat beberapa kendaraan mengejar impian…

You brought me a roses, and I know that you knew.

I don’t like flowers.

Yes, yes you made the worst poetry.

And I used to like it.

Our late night talks, stories and argue ‘bout things.

And those Sweet Midnight, we were sitting in the back seat.

Talkin’ about, I don’t really know. How was your day?

Glass of wine, the corner girl seems fine.

But you broke her heart, no ones has ever done that.

You’ve messed things up, and I know that you’re already fucked up.

- this poetry is written in midnight at my room 23:41 p.m. on Tuesday the 14th of April, 2020

Putri Auni

filled by journey, favourite things, and love.

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